We also have a section on our site where we always keep an up-to-date list of celebrities (public figures) who make SUITS ON ORDER at SPREZZA. However, from time to time, an article with these people will be made. Because she deserves.

Nicolae Dică, FC Steaua Bucharest coach

It is worth starting the list with Nicolae Dica, coach FC Steaua Bucharest.

Nicolae Dica, antrenorul FC Steaua Bucuresti, isi face costum la comanda SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache

Nicolae Dica is the head coach of FC Steaua Bucharest. Dica made his mark as a player on Steaua’s evolutions, especially between 2006 and 2007.

Nicolae Dica si Dragos Sandulache la SPREZZA
Nicolae Dica and Dragos Sandulache

Nicolae Dica wanted a custom made outfit from natural materials, wool and silk. A two-piece suit, jacket and trouser, with a spit, made of the same material and buttons embroidered in natural silk.

SPREZZA created custom-made suits for Nicolae Dica, MM Stoica, Catalin Morosanu, Marcel Toader, Cezar Ouatu, Valentin Sanfira, Florin Vasilica and many others.

Nicolae Dica la SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache

Nicolae Dica is a very modest man who impressed us with simplicity. We come back with pictures from the final test.

Mihai (MM) Stoica, manager of FC Steaua Bucharest

MM Stoica also dresses from SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache. We do not know how to describe MM Stoica better than the best football manager in Romania, in our opinion. Just like Dica, MM is a very modest and very good man. After all, the tailor-client relationship is very important. If we did not resonate with our clients, we would not go out with the wonderful costumes we thought we were going out. :)

MM Stoica si Dragos Sandulache

Mihai Stoica chose to make a double-breasted suit, that is, two rows of buttons on black. The costume has a rounded curtain (sal) and buttons embroidered in natural silk.

Thank you, MM Stoica, because you chose the services of the sprezza’s master ttailors.

MM Stoica are costum la comanda SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache

Catalin Morosanu, fighter K1

Charismatic warrior Catalin Morosanu is the next one on our list of celebrities wearing custom-made suits of SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache.

Catalin Morosanu has been collaborating with Dragos Sandulache for two years.

Catalin Morosanu si Nicolae Dica au costume la comanda SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache

For those who do not know Catalin so well, Spresza will give more details in his biography: Catalin Morosan (born June 30, 1984), known as Catalin Morosanu, is a heavyweight heavyweight politician, politician , kickboxer, but also a former rugby player. He made his debut in K1 in 2007 at the K1 Romania 2007 competition, fighting against Stefan Leko. As a kickboxer, Catalin Morosanu has evolved in Local Kombat, Superkombat and K-1 and has notable victories over Gary Goodridge, Freddy Kemayo, Stefan Leko, Mighty Mo, Anderson “Braddock” Silva and Paul Slowinski. Catalin has also become the winner of the 10th Dancing Competition for You.

Catalin Morosanu are costume la comanda SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache

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