Wedding suits at im pricesChild suits at the lowest prices / Collection 2019. As the title suggests, today we will make a list of the most desirable ten MANY SUITS we can make at incredibly small prices for the Romanian market . Bride suits 2019.

SPREZZA will convince you that you do not have to give a fortune to have incredibly stylish, luxurious luxury suits. A perfect bride suit can be made at reasonable prices. Men’s suits from the finest materials in Europe.

SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache makes custom groom suits from materials such as cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, and more. A groom suit should not be worn only at the wedding. It must be so special and versatile that you can wear it for other special events.

We’ll start with customers who come from GoogleBattery / 2019 Collection

                                Blue bride suit

BRIDE SUIT – Bride suit Darco

Yes, this is a really special suit and at an almost forbidden price, if I can say that. You can find him here.

When we say such a price for a bride’s suit with two pieces (trouser and jacket), you would think that the material is desirable. But no, it is not our case. At this price, we will create an incredible piece of clothing and materials such as cashmere, wool, silk, linen or cotton.

Costum de mire Darco
                              Bride suit Darco

Groomsmen suit 2019

I did not give this suit any generic name, because we think it does not need either name or description, it’s so great. You find him here.

SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache is working at MALE SUITS at the best prices in Romania. Their quality is impeccable, as can be seen in the Sprezza showroom.

The price is again a very small one for a COSTUME OF LOVE in the collection 2018-2019. The client has the option, in all grooming suits to order, to choose the material, the color, the type of lapel and buttons he wants.

A stylish and highly groomed grooming suit in Google.

                                       Bride suit

Men’s suits at unbeatable prices. We’re going with the Blauri bride suit

The Blaori Bride Suit is a costume we noticed as she likes the ladies very much. Many men appreciate it and ask for it, but women look for it as a rock star.

The Blaori bride suit starts at the same incredible price as all other costumes on order, from 2.500 lei. The price may increase depending on the material from which it is made. The variant of silk wool sleeve is 3.500 lei.

                                       bride suit Blaori

Bride suit de mire Bati

The Bati apparel suit is a very special suit, for gentlemen who appreciate the white color for the groom’s suits. You find him here.

At an unbeatable price, Bati’s costume remains one of the most sought-after suits in Google.

                                       Bride suit Bati

Bride suit Anis

Anis’s wedding suit is one of our favorites, SPREZZA. Anis comes from the name of Dragos Sandulache’s wife, Anisa Sandulache. You can find him here.

The Anis bride suit is made of very special material. The customer has the possibility, as with all the others, to choose the material, the buttons, the lining, the type of lapel and even choose to embroider his initials.

                                        Bride suit de mire Anis

Bride suit Trapo

The Trapo bridal suit is an electrifying blue. It really hypnotizes you, especially if it is carried by a groom.

The bridal suits are the best materials. Lana, cashmere, silk, nothing is too little for the future groom and for his costume.

BRIDE SUIT Trapo can be purchased here.

SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache works at men’s suits at the best prices in Romania. Their quality is impeccable, as can be seen in the Sprezza showroom.

                                      Groomsmen suit Trapo

Bride suit Nuri

The Nuri bride suit is definitely one of the models you have not seen on a groom in Romania. This model is created by us and we are proud of it.

                                      Bride suit Nuri

Nuri’s bridal suit will make you stand out as much as it takes for everyone to know who the groom is. In 2018-2019, the Roman gentleman is increasingly extravagant. At many weddings, you do not even realize who the groom is.

This is because many brides want a simple outfit and leave room for other guests who, many of them, come extravagantly dressed to impress.

After all, if not a wedding, where do you wear a special dress? Nuri’s bride suit can be found here.

Bride suit Iona

Iona’s bride suit is for men who do not want to make any mistake. Because it’s true, you have to have an attitude to wear something out of the ordinary.

This bride suit is ultra stylish and perfect for those hidden gentlemen who wear no suit except for their own wedding. You can buy it here

Costum mire Iona din colectia 2017 by SPREZZA
                                        Bride suit Iona

Men‘s suit Maestri

The suit of the bridegroom Maestri comes from a simple and comprehensive word: Maestro. Because that’s what you’re going to be, a ceremonial master.

We remind you that the bride’s suits are also embroidered with the initials of the wearer. Because it can not be more elegant than that, you can see your name on the inside of the jacket as it is created for you.

The suit for masters can be purchased here.

                                        Bride suit Maestri

Bride suit Albo

With this suit you will never be wrong. It’s something totally out of the ordinary. This charming white white lair allows you to take a black shirt under the jacket.

With the right accessories you will probably be one of the most enchanting miracles of 2018-2019. And no, there are no big words.

This COST of DEATH can be found here.

SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache works at men’s suits at the best prices in Romania. Their quality is impeccable, as can be seen in the Sprezza showroom.

                                                Bride suit Albo

Bride suits / Men‘s Redingota

Redingota is the most special outfit that you can choose on the most special day of your life: the wedding.

The Redingottes created by Dragos Sandulache are 100% changeable to the tastes of each customer. From lapel, buttons, color, to buttonholes and buttons.

Is not your two-row button vest comfortable? No problem. We do it at a single row of buttons and a lapel.

This REDINGOTA can be found here.

Redingota barbati 2018
                                 Men‘s Redingota

Bride suits / Men‘s Frac

Frac and Redingota are 100% custom-made suits, according to customer’s exact measures. In our showroom you can choose the color, the material, the button, the lapel and the accessories you receive.

SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache makes bespoke suits at the lowest prices in Bucharest.

This groom suit can be found here.

Redingota sau Frac barbati 2018
                                                 Frac barbati

Bride suits Abiti

The Abiti bride suit is a three-piece suit: jacket, vest and trouser. SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache offers all the gift accessories: lapel brooch, tie and silk handkerchief.

The costumes of the bridegroom are suit designer Dragos Sandulache and are made on order, bespoke, from the finest materials on the market.

This suit can be found here: Abiti Groom Suit.

Costum mire Abiti
                             Bride suit Abiti

Bride suit Universo 2019

Universo’s bridal suit from the new collection of costume suits 2019. This lovely suit is made of wool, with natural silk on the lapel, buttons embroidered in natural silk. Comes with all the gift accessories: handkerchief and silk bowtie.

In our showroom you will see a wide range of men’s costumes and everything we wear in 2019.

The wonderful Universo Groom Suit can also be found in our online store: Universo Groom Suit.

SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache has the most special men’s costumes in Romania. Prices are about half the price compared to competitors. All this because SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache does not add the rent paid on the rented space.

                                  Bride suit Universo

Ceremony Bride Suit

The bridal suit is a suit that denotes perfection. The suits always have to be made to order. A Ready to Wear Suit will never compare to a suit that’s poured on you.

Not to mention the materials. The natural materials that are used in a Bespoke suit will make you feel extremely comfortable.

This super suit can be found here: Wedding Ceremony Suit.

                                             Bride suit
Bride Suit Sprezza

The bridal suit Sprezza comes with a bra, a bow tie and a gift handkerchief. The suit is made of wool, silk blend, 100% on customer’s measurements.

Customers can choose from a variety of materials and colors. Not only that, but being in command, every detail can be altered to the requirements of each customer.

The suit can be found here: Sprezza Groom Suit.

                                     Bride suit Sprezza

Bride Suit Tunir

Suit to order Tunir from the new collection of costume bridal suit 2019. Suit for the bride at the best prices in Bucharest.

The suit Tunir costume is one hundred per cent customizable to the tastes of the customer. We can change anything from lapel to buttons. Nothing is unaltered.

Grooming suits can also be viewed in our online shop, along with prices. This suit can be seen here: Tunic costume.

                                       Bride suit Tunir

Bride Suit Tacuri

Wedding Suits Scones are extremely stylish suits. Custom made costumes made of wool and silk, Bespoke.

For more details, including the price, you can enter here: Grooming Groom Sacrifice.

                                      Bride suit Tacuri

Groomsmen suit 2019

Groomsman suit Coloris

The most colorful suit groomsman among the latest SPREZZA creations by Dragos Sandulache. Made of the finest materials, this coloris suede coloris suit is one of the most sophisticated suits in the 2019 collection.

Suits for men and women in silk with customer initials inside jackets and all the details selected by the customer, as well as a Spresso counselor.

                                      Groomsman suit Coloris