The keyword “bride suit 2019” is among the most searched words on Google. So we thought of making a list of bridesmaids in the new collection, telling you the materials and the prices we were doing in 2019.

SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache makes woolen and silk suits Bespoke.

Our team of tailor tailors are attentive to every detail that our clients ask us to do. Our costumes are our own creation, or the customer can come up with a model he found outside the country, and we make him a faithful copy.

We do not rebate on materials, this is our motto since we started this wonderful journey.

The duration of a MIRE COSTUME is 14-21 days, depending on the orders we are running. Below we will make a list of 10 bridal costumes that we recommend for you in 2019.

Costume bride 2019 – Redingota men

Redingota is the most special outfit that you can wear at your wedding.

Sprezza Redingotele are custom-created suits, according to the tastes of each client. All the details are changed to suit everyone’s tastes.

Redingota has the lowest price for a custom-made costume in Bucharest. Maybe even from Romania.

This beautiful redingotto can be seen here: Men’s Redingota.

redingota barbati sau costum mire 2019
                                     redingota men’s or bride suit  2019

Intenso bride costume

These wonderful bride suits are among the most sought-after miracles in 2019.

Intenso bridal velvet costume, with natural silk lapel and buttons embroidered in natural silk. This beautiful costume comes with the accessories included: bow tie, handkerchief and brooch.

The costume can be seen here: Intenso bride suit.

Costum mire Intenso 2019
                                                  Bride suit Intenso 2019

Costum mire Galler

The Galler ceremony suit is from the 2018 collection. The suitis custom-made, bespoke, in 14-21 days. This lovely outfit includes the accessories: the lovely collar shirt and the pocket handkerchief made of natural silk.

The suitis made of 75% wool with 25% natural silk. The lapel is also made of natural silk, and the buttons are also dressed in the same silk.

The suit can also be seen in the online store: Galler suits.

                                                  Bride suit 2019 Galler

Bride groom suit Abiti

The client can choose buttons, the type of lapel, lining and the possibility to embroider his initials on the interior of the bride suit.

All our suits are from the finest materials, chosen according to the time you organize the happy event: the wedding.

The suit can also be seen in the online shop: Abiti bride suit.

Costum mire 2019 Abiti
                                                      Bride suit 2019 Abiti

Frac male suit

The most special bride suit you will ever be able to wear is of course red-headed. Redingtons are made to order, 100% on client’s orders.

All details of the red-button: buttons, buttonholes, buttons, materials, lining and accessories are chosen by the customer.

For the evenings at the opera or certain well-defined ceremonies it is obligatory for the frac. He has as partners his shirt, his bow, his shoulder and the cut-out vest, all white. The pant has excellent satin, single or double satin on the side.

This wonderful groom suit can also be seen in our online store: Redingota / Frac Men.

Costum mire frac barbati 2019
                                                      suit male frac 2019

Ceremony suit Sposo

This superb Sposo bride suit is part of the new collection of suits by sprezza 2019.

The Sposo suit is made of wool and silk, semi-glossy. In the suit price you have: jacket, vest and trouser + gift accessories. The accessories are: Necktie, handkerchief and loop brooch.

The Sposo ceremony suit can also be viewed in the online store: here.

Costum ceremonie mire 2019 Sposo
                                            Ceremony Bride Suit 2019 Sposo

Bride suit Fantessia

Super Fantessia Bride Suit is a suit that will leave you with your mouth. Designer Dragos Sandulache recommends ordering only if you have more than 1.85 cm. The suit is very good for the bridegroom.

This super ceremony suit can be seen in the online store: Costum Fantessia.

Costum mire ceremonie Fantessia 2019

Bride suit Magno 2019

The Magno bride suit is two rows of buttons and keeps them well without the tummy. The suit is part of the 2018 collection.

costume mire 2019

The suits made to order, 100% according to the measures of each client. Details are customizable. The costume includes the accessories. You can visit us in the showroom for more details.

Magno bridal suit can also be seen here: Magno.

Costum mire ceremonie 2019 Magno

Costume groomed at two rows of buttons

This superb suit comes in two rows of buttons, just like Magno. It is made to order in 14-21 days and can be ordered from our store in Bucharest.

Bride suits are suits that will only be worn once in a lifetime. That’s what everyone says. Sprezza is NOT the same!

You’re spoiling it, after wearing the suit at the wedding, you can come back with him and turn it into a casual costume. Yes! To be worn for other events. I do not think you have to pay a considerable amount of money just to wear the suit once.

The two-row bride suit  can also be seen in our online store: here.

Costum mire la doua randuri de nasturi

Bride suit Mraconia 2019

The wonderful Mraconia Bride Suit is a three-piece suit: jacket, vest and trouser.

As I’ve already used to you, the accessories are a gift from the spree. Gift accessories: Natural silk tie and handkerchief + Reversible jacket.

This bride suit can be seen in the online store: Suit Mraconia.

Costum mire Mraconia 2019

Bride suit Redingota

The red rebellion of the frown, without coloristic prejudices, allows us to make more cuts than the classical one, with one or two or three buttons, with a shirt collar or tunic, both closed under the throat .

We can match it, as the case may be, a bow tie or lapel and a jabou shirt. It is excellently dedicated to ceremonies other than those that compel us to carry smoking or frac.

This bride suit can be seen in the online store: Redingota.

Redingota la comanda

Bride suit Tabini

The superb Tabini Bride Suit is part of the new SPREZZA 2019 collection and is highly appreciated amongst the ladies.

SPREZZA consultants will listen to your wishes in terms of material, color, type of lapel, buttons and will create the perfect suction suit.

This bride suit can be found in our online store: Suit Tabini.

Costum mire Tabini

Bride suit Online

Of all the men’s costumes, the ceremonies are by far the most admired. That’s because they have something special that highlights them and, implicitly, the one who wears them.

Thanks to the shine of the fabric due to the compositional silk, or because of the highly versatile pattern or palette of colors, when you wear such a costume, it is impossible not to feel the “prince of the ball”.

Our tailoring masters will advise you to make the best choice in the ceremony suit.

This super groom suit can be found in our online store, along with its price: Online Suits.

Costum mire Online