SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache has a team of two tailor tailors from Bucharest, who performs custom hand-made suitsfrom wool and natural silk.

We are finding it increasingly difficult to find in Romania custom-made suits, by the hand of a tailor master over 40 years old. People retire and fewer young people want to follow the heavy steps of traditional tailoring.

We do not want to demoralize you, so we will go to some of the favorite models of the young Bucharest people who made their suits under the SPREZZA brand by Dragos Sandulache.


Suits to order Sacks

The custom-made suits are part of the 2018 collection and are available on custom-made suits.

This suit is made of 75% wool with 25% silk. It is cut by the hand of a tailor master, and its realization takes about 14 days from the date of signing the contract in the showroom.

The suit for the Tacuri command is available here.

Costum de ginere 2019
                                      Suite for groomsmen 2019

Suits on order Decam

Ordering suits are suits that are tailored to your needs, and the final product has to be poured on the customer. All details can be modified to your liking.

This costume is also available on the store page: Decam suit

Costume la comanda Decam
                                    custom-made suits Decam

Suits at order Caffa

Caffa suit is one of our favorites. A classic yet eclectic suit suitable for wedding, baptism or any other important event in your life.

This beautiful suit is made of 75% wool with 25% natural silk and is also available in the shop: Caffa suit

Costum la comanda Caffa
                                        custom-made suits Caffa

Suits on order Tunir

The Tunir suit is a double-breasted, double-breasted, double-breasted outfit with natural-looking silk lapel.

The suit is sewn in hand. SPREZZA does everything by hand. Migalous, but perfection prevails. The most immense processes are sewing hand pockets and buttonholes.

For all custom-made suits it is possible to modify the details according to the customer’s tastes.

And this model is available in our online store: Tunir suit.

Costume la comanda Tunir                                                 custom-made suits Tunir

Woolen and silk woven costumes

Ducco suit

The Ducco suit is, as the name suggests, worthy of those with royal rank.

And this superb SUIT is 100% customizable to your wishes. The Ducco suit on order  is a two-row suit with natural silk spit ladle. The material is the best quality wool.

Sprezza makes custom-made suits of the finest fabrics. Working at a suit of 10-12 hours a day, for 14 days, to get the perfect outfit for our clients.

The suit is also available in our online store: Ducco suit.

Costume la comanda Ducco                                                  custom-made suits Duccoo

Custom-made suit Toniq

Toniq suit a gorgeous with a bow and a bra from the same material. The suit is made of silk wool and has a natural silk lapel.

The suit is 100% customizable. The trousers are not of the same material, they are black, plain, wool. Bride Suit at the best price of tailor in Romania.

The Toniq T-shirt is also available in our online store: Ordering suits.

Costume la comanda
                                        custom-made suit Toniq 

We invite you to a coffee in our showroom in Spatarului Street, Nr. 17 Bis to see all of our custom-made suits, as well as Ready to Wear suits.

Our prices are among the lowest prices in Romania, for bespoke costumes, of the most precious materials.

All custom-made suitsare available in our online store: Swimsuits on order.