Made to Measure vs. Bespoke. What’s the Difference between Made to Measure Suits and Bespoke Suits? That’s what I want to explain in the next article.

Many SPREZZA clients by Dragos Sandulache come and say they want a Made to Measure costume, but I do not know what the difference between MTM and Bespoke.


Made to Measure: MTM consultants will give you a proof of a jacket / trouser. If your jacket / pants are close to your size, consultants will switch to a table the adjustments they need to make. After that, the data is sent to the factory, I repeat, THE FACTORY where it is going to be made.

Bespoke: The pattern is taken from scratch and the measurements are more accurate. You will have the chance that this suit will come better if you want to hide certain imperfections.
Made to Measure: lasts as in Bespoke, 3-60 days. Sewing machines in the factory will apply the same tension on the fabric, regardless of the material used.

Bespoke: it takes 3-60 days, depending on how busy the tailor is and how much you are willing to pay to have the costume sooner. The tailor knows exactly what tension to apply to the fabric when sewing it.

Number of samples

Made to Measure: No evidence takes place. What you do at the first meeting to fix the adjustments can not be called the test. The only test you do is after the product (suit, jacket, trouser or vest) is ready. In the worst case, if the product does not correspond to reality, after the necessary changes are made, you will still have another test.

Bespoke: At least 3 intermediate samples. These samples are required during the creation process to verify the accuracy of the initial measurements.


Bildergebnis für bespoke sprezza


Made to Measure: The cost of a costume starts at 1,600 lei and can reach tens of thousands of euros, depending on the material used and the chosen brand. If you would compare, in terms of price, you will find Ready to Wear suits more expensive, without the guarantee that I am coming to you as well as an MTM.

Bespoke: The price can start at 2,500 lei and can reach tens of thousands of euros, depending on the material used and the brand you are calling.

Bespoke Suit SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache


Made to Measure: You have many types of personalization that you can call but not as many as the Bespoke. If you want something atypical, you will not be able to make it to MTM. Depending on the person you are going to call for a MTM suit, you will miss various details regarding the suit design. Unfortunately, the costume’s cut is controlled by the way FABRICA manufactures, so you have no control over the way it will come. Some brands offer you the possibility to make half canvas or full canvas suits.

Made to Measure vs. Bespoke

Bespoke: You have no limits in personalizing the costume.

Meeting with an employee vs. a tailor

Made to Measure: It is impossible to meet the people who will make your suit because the whole process is happening in the factory. Your contact will only be with the employee and, in very few cases, the business owner.

Bespoke: The relationship is more personal, because you will know the person who will create your suit. Experience will tell the word when different conformations come in.

Conclusion: Made to Measure or Bespoke?

Made to Measure is made in the factory, bespoke is done by the hand of a tailor master. Nothing is impossible with regard to the requirements of a Bespoke suit.