Among the most searched words in Google are “the price for a custom-made suit from a tailor”. A fair question, but maybe not with the answers expected of many.

The cost of a tailor’s suit depends on whether the customer comes with his own material or he buys the tailor, as required.

Tailor suit cost in 2019

The cost of a tailor’s custom-made suit can not be less than 2.000 lei. With the cheapest material.

pret costum croitor
                            The cost for a suit made from a tailor.

However, if someone chooses to make a custom-made suit, why would they choose the cheapest material?

If you are still waiting for 2-3 weeks, if you go to the tests and do this, why not do it with a good natural material?

Assuming you choose to make a tailor’s costume with natural materials such as wool and silk, then the price will grow to somewhere between 2.500 – 3.000 lei, minimum.

Tailor suit cost in 2019

Nicolae Dica si Dragos Sandulache
                                       Nicolae Dica and Dragos Sandulache
MM Stoica la prima proba costum Bespoke
                                                  MM Stoica at the first sample Bespoke suit

That’s the difference between a suit Ready to Wear and a bespoke one made to order. If you want an inexpensive suit, then you definitely have to choose an RTW suit, not one to order.

Tailor suit cost” or the correct price according to expectations

On a custom-made outfit you never have to screw around. Yes, we do not even spend 10.000 lei for the suit, but in no case do you think you make it with 1.500 lei. The cost of a suit depends very much on the size of the customer.

How much material comes into a man’s suit?

For example, in a three-piece suit, can enter 4 meters of material. It also depends on whether the material is plaited or plain. If the material is in plaid, then the material will be added, because the pattern must match the suit.

Our suits are not costumes like old Apaca, suits made industrially, but 100% hand-made men suits made by a master tailor.

Dragos Sandulache si Catalin Morosanu Dragos Sandulache si Catalin Morosanu Costum la prima proba

If you want to make a 2.000 lei order, it is much better than buying a SUIT RTW with 1.200 lei. Because the material is a lot different. An RTW suit is made of a material that also contains polyester / elastane. This means that when you sweat in it, not only will not breathe the suit, but it will smell very badly. That’s what happens with artificial materials.

Tailor suit price in 2019

If you want something of quality, a suit in which you do not sweat like in the country’s grandmother’s solarium, from good textiles, then the price starts from 2.500 lei.

SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache will meet the smallest prices in Romania and, implicitly, in Bucharest. Spooky tailors will help you choose the right material together with the model that suits you. Below you have a selection of materials: wool with silk.

Dragos Sandulache Dragos Sandulache materiale costume barbati

material pentru costum tesaturi costume barbati materiale pentru costume barbati