Trip Hunter is a site I discovered a few years ago. The site does exactly what the name says, “hunting” vacancies at unbelievable rates for those who want to see exotic places at affordable prices for everyone.

What does this have to do with this site site to order? Well, gentlemen. Some very much. I, for example, when I leave with my wife, Anisa, on a vacation, I like to wear my clothes. I mean, I like to have a casual jacket on me or a shirt. Appropriately fitted, of course.

Let’s get back. The first article we’ve written about Trip Hunter’s since 1998. No, I’m kidding. I would have liked TH to have been there since the Internet appeared in Romania. In fact, the first article about them I wrote in 2014 and you can find it here. Since then, we have checked with India, Morocco, Dubai, Rome, Milan and Naples with incredible prices.

Romanian travel agencies practice a huge addition to holidays abroad. Trip Hunter is the only site I’ve found that offers you the holiday at the normal airplane price + accommodation. At the end he will charge a 50 euro fee for a city break or stay, 80 euros for exotic holidays.

It’s a decent commission. I was at one point on a vacation in Rome in a group of 17 people. This 50 euro fee has been shared by 17 people! Because it does not matter how big the group is, the commission is fixed.

I am writing this because I am very pleased with TRIP HUNTER services and I would like this site and their offers to reach as many people as possible. Not only gentlemen, any intelligent man sees a good offer when he has it in front of his eyes.

Below I will leave the best deals I’ve seen. By far the best deals I’ve seen on the internet.

Circuit in Sri Lanka with private car, guide, driver, all transfers included. You can find the offer here. 690 euro for 10 days !!!

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Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Singapore. You can find the offer here. 920 euros for 12 days !!!

And, of course, some city breaks that just seem incredible to me. As small as your salary, you absolutely have no excuse to refuse any of these offers. I leave you the link here and I will give you some examples of price and location.

City break in Venice: 175 euro, 4 days.

City break Rome: 130 euro, 4 days.

Dublin city break: 158 euros, 4 days.

There is no more to say than “Pleasant vacation, gentlemen!”