Prior to Sprezzatura, let’s start with it. Working on television is beautiful, but it is demanding. Thinking how much I’m involved in a project and how perfect I am. I thought I could work just as much, but for my own business, my own brand.

Many ask me, “What is the connection between television and fashion?” It has no connection, obvious.

I always liked to dress well, according to my standards. But at one point, I’ve upgraded this style to Sprezzatura.

So, after 13 years of television, I gave up everything. To start your own business on the side of Bespoke & Sprezzatura. That’s how SPREZZA By Dragos Sandulache SRL was founded. But let’s take it one by one.

What does Sporezatura mean?

Today’s sprezzatura is best seen at festivals in Italy. Named Pitti Uomo. Where groups of men and women gather to fit their most special outfits.

At first glance, it seems strange to you and maybe most would never dress like that. Selected clothes have extravagant, excessive colors for some. The combination of them may seem strange to many.

The term SPREZZATURA dates back to the 16th century. When, in a book of good manners and labels, the Italian Count Baldassare Castiglione wrote:

“One rule is worth more than anything a man says or does, and that is to avoid the damage at all costs as if it were a sharp rock.” And to use a new word, we practice in everything we do a certain nonsalance SPREZZA) that shows that everything we do or say is done effortlessly and almost without thinking.

So, here, after 500 years, sprezzatura is used when we talk about clothes. In antithesis with milimetric perfection and blind matching.

Sprezzatura Romania
                             Sprezzatura Romania

To give an example. It’s like wearing pink shoes so naturally that it looks like men were born in pink shoes. Do not think that the neglected study is effortless, it’s a mistake.

Sprezza does not mean a lack of effort. But his masking, his melting in calm and the impression that everything was easy, natural.

If the term SPREZZATURA is hard to remember, use the term in Romanian. Nonchalance. A stylish outfit, worn with nonsalanta, is spore.

What does Bespoke mean?

Bespoke suit is the costume created from scratch, following the requirements of a customer. Working at a BESPOKE COSTUME is the highest step in adapting to a client’s wishes and lifestyle.

In the first stage, to sketch the suit pattern on a sheet of paper, cloths are chosen. Buttons. Types of pockets. Type of cut.

Dragos Sandulache croitorie si design
                                       Dragos Sandulache tailoring and design

Bespoke suits require more sessions. A true bespoke suit is in the luxury sphere, the price being one.

Sure, nothing will come better than a costume on the customer, a suit BESPOKE.

So whether you want a ready-made suit (Ready To Wear) or Bespoke (made from 0), we are waiting for you in our showroom in Spatarului Street, Nr. 17 Bis, at SPREZZA by Dragos Sandulache